TUPE Club, Jane Fielding and Caron Gosling - ThinkHouse March 2014

The Regulations amending TUPE were introduced on 31 January 2014. Whilst they are not as far reaching as originally anticipated, there are some important changes which give employers more flexibility. In this podcast, Jane Fielding and Caron Gosling discuss what the changes to TUPE are and what practical impact they will have on businesses.


IP in software: An overview, Peter Hall - ThinkHouse January 2014

Peter Hall, a partner in Wragge & Co's IT team, provides an overview of software copyright law. Software copyright law underpins the licence issue, knowledge of this is essential for licence discussions.


Software licences: What are the traps? Patrick Arben - ThinkHouse January 2014

Patrick Arben investigates the most common causes of software licensing disputes. In this presentation Patrick provides a practical guide to managing risk; highlighting the steps that can be taken by both software vendors and licensees to minimise the risk of disputes materialising.


Software licensing, Peter Hall - ThinkHouse January 2014

Peter Hall, a partner in Wragge & Co's IT team, aims to make you an expert in software copyright law in 35 minutes.



Whistleblowing: how to handle it, Simon Stephen - ThinkHouse November 2013

Simon Stephen puts whistleblowing under the spotlight. How do you spot it and how do you deal with it? He considers the need for cultural change and how whistleblowing needs to be addressed, not covered up.


Commercial principles of contracting with Government, Sarah Sasse - ThinkHouse November 2013

Sarah Sasse looks at some of the key principles of contracting with Government which was recently launched by the Cabinet Office and provides practical tips on what this will mean for future procurements.


Modernising the EU procurement rules, Christopher Brennan - ThinkHouse November 2013

Christopher Brennan looks at the modernising of the EU procurement rules, what the changes are, why are the changes being made, when will they come into force and ... will they work?


Data Protection the new regulations, Kirsten Whitfield - ThinkHouse November 2013

Kirsten Whitfield looks at the draft Regulations published by the European Commission, what changes the draft Regulation would bring about and what this will mean for public sector bodies and their service providers.


ThinkHouse September 2013 - podcast (Cloud services with Sally Mewies)

Sally Mewies talks to Michael Luckman about the pros and cons of cloud services.


ThinkHouse September 2013 - podcast (B2B contract law with David Lowe)

There have been a number of key changes in B2B English contract law over the last 18 months. David Lowe looks at how these changes could affect the drafting and negotiation of contracts, as well as giving practical tips coming out of the changes in the law.


ThinkHouse September 2013 - podcast (TUPE with Jane Fielding)

Jane Fielding looks at the key issues around TUPE transfer,what the new changes to TUPE are and how they will impact on businesses.

Update - the draft Collective Redundancies and Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment ) (Amendments) Regulations 2013 have now been published. They will be laid before Parliament in December 2013 and are expected to come into force in January 2014.


ThinkHouse September 2013 - podcast (Outsourcing with Richard Smith)

Outsourcing continues to be a significant way in which businesses deliver their services. Richard Smith focuses on some important areas organisations should consider when looking at outsourcing.


Pensions update - January 2013 - podcast

Wragge & Co's head of pension strategy Vivien Cockerill talks to Richard Lee about the latest on workplace pensions reform, Glyn Ryland on managing pension scheme deficits by incentive exercises and to Peter Shave on financial support directions - what they are and how they work.



ThinkHouse - September 2012 - podcast (Data protection with Kirsten Whitfield, raids with Andrew Litchfield and jurisdiction clauses with Tom Price)

Michael Luckman talk to three experts about some of the key issues facing in-house lawyers. They will also recommend some practical actions that in-house lawyers can take.

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