About us - Corporate responsibility

Yup, there's a lot said about corporate responsibility

But while all the talking is going on, we get on with it!

So what do we mean by that? Something we get asked a lot! For us, corporate responsibility (CR) is all about being a good neighbour, a good employer, a good citizen and a good partner. In practice, this means:

  • Community investment - this is all about pro bono, volunteering and charitable donations. Our priorities are homelessness, education and mentoring, and inner city needs.
  • Our people - it's vital that we attract and retain the very best. Our people give a lot to the business, that's why our diversity and well-being programmes are so important to us.
  • Environment - reduce, reuse and recycle; that's our daily mantra...
  • External partners - to extend the reach of our CR activities we involve other people. We talk to our suppliers, our clients and other community partners so we can share our experiences, learn and most importantly, encourage others to adopt responsible business practices.

CR is a business issue for us. It's embedded in everything we do and because it matters for the future, every single business decision we make includes a CR angle. Why not take a look at our corporate responsibility report and find out more?

Caring is good, sharing even better. We're keen to listen and learn from others, so we're all constantly raising our game.

We are proud to be a member of the London Benchmarking Group (LBG). This group of over 100 leading companies works to measure community investment programmes and their impact in the business and wider community. The LBG model provides a global measurement standard and the ability for members to benchmark and share best practice.

Wragge & Co is a member of Business in the Community and the Corporate Responsibility group.

Want to know more about our work in CR? Just email head of corporate responsibility, (mail@wragge.com).