What you need to know about climate change law

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The Climate Change Act became law late last year. The Act is intended to facilitate the UK's transition to a low carbon economy, and to demonstrate the UK's commitment to combating climate change. More detail on the Climate Change Act can be found here.

Many see the Act's introduction as a watershed the beginning of comprehensive legislation aimed at reducing the impacts of climate change. However, there is already a growing patchwork of regulation and legislation in the UK designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. And even where there is not yet formal regulation, some companies are taking steps to differentiate themselves from their competitors on the basis of climate change commitments.

There is no definition of what constitutes climate change law like climate change itself, the legal expertise required pervades all sectors and legal disciplines. In this note, Wragge & Co's cross-sector experts draw attention to some of the key areas organisations will need to think about in the context of the wider climate change agenda.

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