Olympics update - a round-up of all the latest news

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Wragge & Co's latest round-up of Olympic news has a strong focus on the energy resources which will be powering the Games. As the British Olympic Association announces plans to commit to sustainable sourcing long term, BP is confirmed as the official oil and gas and sustainability sponsor of London 2012.

Cadbury is another potential sponsor, looking to sign a multi-million pound deal with London 2012. This news focuses attention on the opportunities that the Olympics present to brand owners. Wragge & Co's resident advertising expert, Dan Smith, offers a useful insight into what the law has to say about ambush marketing.

As the credit crunch continues to take hold, there will be consequences for the build-up to London 2012. Development continues at a steady rate, yet questions surrounding the economic viability of the Games continue to present themselves, notably with regard to the construction of the Olympic Village.

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