Ryanair threatens to cancel scraped flights: how the way a contract comes into being affects its enforceability

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Ryanair has announced that it intends to cancel all flight tickets which have not been purchased directly from its website or call centre. Any ticket procured from a travel agent employing screen-scraping technology to pull off flight and seat price data from the Ryanair website will no longer be valid.

Ryanair intends to advise customers that their flights have been cancelled by using the email address supplied at the time of booking. As some of the addresses supplied will be that of the travel agent, and not the customer, unless there is good housekeeping on behalf of the travel agent, customers will arrive at the airport only then to discover their flight has been cancelled. But what of the customer whose seat has been cancelled by Ryanair, merely for contracting with Ryanair via an online travel agent?

Read Wragge & Co's expert analysis on what this means for Ryanair customers.

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